Wash and Fold

Let us do all the dirty work while you enjoy the day!!!

Our attendants are available to put your worries at ease. We will weigh your clothes at $.99/lb and process your order with any special request as needed. We take pride in washing your clothes. Therefore, we will check your pockets, sort accordingly and wash with the recommended temperature required. The same care is taken with drying as well, utilizing dryer softener sheets to eliminate static and maintain freshness. When then neatly fold and place your clothes in clear plastic bags for your convenience. Walk-in drop off: $.99/lb (10lb minimum)

Flat rate of $10 for all orders below 10lbs. Comforters:
  • ¬†Twin $10
  • Full/Queen $13
  • King $15
  • Down Comforters $20

Washer & Dryer

A&Q Laundry Room has 18 energy-efficient SpeedQueen washers with various options to clean your clothes in minimal time.

10- 20lb washers at 2.75 6- 40lb washers at 4.75 2- 60lb washers at 5.75

Our SpeedQueen dryers are also energy-efficient with options to dry on High, Medium, low or no heat if desired.

2- 45lb Stack Tumbler at .25 for 5 minutes 18-30lb Stack Tumbler at .25 for 7 minutes

All machines are coin-operated with a bill changer on premises to convert your bills into coins. For your convenience we provide coin cups to hold all your coins while doing your laundry.Laundry Supplies are sold over-the-counter when attendants are present.

Commercial Services

A&Q Laundry Room is a laundry room that enjoys taking care of your laundry. Our convenient pick-up and drop-off allows you to conduct business or run errands as usual without the hassle of spending time to do laundry. Whether you're a parent, working professional or both, your time is valuable! A&Q Laundry Room can help!! Just give us a call to schedule. Free pick-up & Delivery: $1.25/lb (20lb minimum)